Ross Gandon - Managing Director

With a strong background in building boutique companies, Our Managing Director Ross Gandon is well versed with quality for the consumer.

The ability to create fantastic end results from small start-ups, through innovative branding has been one of his driving forces.

Having made far too many mistakes to list, he now has an in-depth knowledge of the pit falls, trials and tribulations of running small enterprises.

His strength in communication and foresight into potential issues has stood the test of time throughout his career.

Ross is a people person, and as such he has an excellent understanding of who will work well together.

Now he looks forward to putting all this into practice and coupling it with one of his true passions - good beer! Having been involved in home brewing for the best part of a year, he has now formed a team of people with all the credentials which he lacks. Therefore with Nina's background in brand awareness, buying and point of sale, joe's amazing, almost worryingly so, vast knowledge of ingredients and reliably excellent brewing skills and his Co-Captain Jim, who has been successfully been running his own branding design company for the past decade and a half, the puzzle is complete!

He and his team welcome you to the wonderful world of Angels and Demons, and insist that you come and try our lovely beers!

May your gods go with you!