Jim Fowle - Creative Director

Creative Director and Co-Captain, Jim Fowle has had over 25 years in the creative industry.

Jim Fowle - Brewery of Angels & Demons

Co-founder, Canterbury based graphic designer and illustrator, Jim has worked on a broad range of projects for clients in many industries, from local prestigious companies.

Jim has produced professionally in both a private and studio based capacity for over 25 years including working for various influential agencies constantly investigating the boundaries between analogue and digital design, but staying true to his developing style.

He has a growing passion to improve and push his boundaries in design, nurturing his skills to produce work that is visually distinct.

Whilst remaining commercially successful, Jim is influenced by his love of all things VW and his old passion for skateboarding. Both of these can be seen in his work, especially in his favourite B.A.D Beer, ’49 Horses’.